Iotera Stories

In this high fantasy universe, Iotera is a planet that the deities collaborated together to create. This universe branches across eras, following different characters in non-consecutive orders. While some books become sequels, others can be complete stand alones.

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My Dad is a Magical Girl Stories

This urban fantasy, magical girl series started as a Webcomic, but has since been moved to novel and reworked entirely. For the time being the webcomic will stay up but it’s on permanent hiatus as it is being made into a serialized novel instead.

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Collaborative Stories

Here is all the worlds between me and my partner in crime, GiaZeries. These stories will vary widely from one another, some may hold sequels, but this is indeed the home of all work between us.

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Miscellaneous Stories

All of my work that doesn’t fit into one of the three above. From shorts to contest entries and novellas, it all can be found here!

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