MDIAMG is an urban fantasy, magical girl story that follows Terry, a widower, and his daughter Tori, as they try to navigate the whole magical warrior child fighting monsters problem. Even harder is trying to juggle all of this while they both maintain their respect social and professional lives. It’s nothing Terry every expected nor planned of Tori, and is pretty lost about it all.

Current Published Work:

None yet! Keep an eye on my Patreon for early access to my writings.
You can read the old webcomic here

Current Works in Progress:

[Untitled: Part 1]
[Urban Fantasy][Magical Girl][Horror?]
??k | Status: On Pause, pending rewrite

Terry, a widower and single father, has always done his best. After losing the love of his life to cancer, he’s dedicated his life to ensuring their only child, Tori, gets the best care possible. She’s the only thing he has in this world, after all. So when he finds out she’s been sneaking out at night, with a magical watch that gives her super powers to fight monsters he didn’t even know existed, passed down in secret from his deceased wife, he’s a tad bit stressed out.