Iotera, ixi’s high fantasy universe of various tales and stories that span Iotera’s history. This is ixi’s magnum opus, where many books, shorts, novellas, and more take place in. The deities that were born to this world and beyond created Iotera and the denizens on it, for the most part.

Current Published Work:

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Current Works in Progress:

Along the Seam
[High Fantasy][Adventure][Dark?]
100k | Status: Resting Draft 0

Iotera’s in despair, unbalanced, and the planet is reacting in kind. The denizens of the planet are unaware of the encroaching darkness- at least, Mijaebah is. Mijaebah reigns from the hidden Doneme that retreated generations ago to the icy wastes, biding their time to take back their homeland from the treasonous Lagene. Mijaebah intends to aid in this for his coming-of-age ceremony where young adults decide their task to prove they are capable of their future careers to their elders. But to do so he must travel where none of his generation have traveled: Into the uncharted world that has been cut off from his people for hundreds of years.

[High Fantasy][Poly Romance]
60k | Status: Resting Draft 0

Deletrix was raised by her brother in Tir, a society built of gentry and political strife among the Houses. A lot is expected of a woman of good-standing, none of which Deletrix is eager to partake in. She has a natural gift of augmenting, a rare magical skill in enchanters, but not a skill that is encouraged by their people. While her brother is pressured to balance his sister’s passions, he must also contend with the growing onslaught of political pressure and suitors knocking at every hour until an unlikely stand-in makes their acquaintance and may be the answer to their problems.

[Untitled: SxE]
[High Fantasy][Romance]
??k | Status: Currently Writing

To say Seodra is the black sheep of the family would be an understatement. The Bui are a proud House, their red wings reflective of the deity Xin, their maker and represent the fire element their entire species was born from. Seodra has the black feathers of the Dove House. Adultery rumors stains her family’s home, but she was always treated well within the estate halls. Ewan, meanwhile, has had to shoulder the burden of inheriting his estate as the only child of his father, and pick up his place in the Bui House. It’s stressful work, but work allows him every excuse to try to avoid being around the more distasteful members of the House. When the leadership positioned is announced to pass down to the heir, Ewan is forced to find himself a wife by a deadline or the heir will arrange a marriage for him. If he must pick, what better choice than to pick the woman who would most get under the purist’s skin?