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[Low Fantasy][Romance][Adventure?]
75k | Status: Dev Editing & Clean Up for Draft 1

The Mers always been cautious about the island that the humans kept trying to inhabit. Not all of them feared the humans, though, and Pallas’ cousin, Chara, had an innate love for them. This all changed when she went missing, and the pod moved further away from the island with new rules to always avoid humans. This fear never stuck deep in Pallas, and all caution went out the window when a boat he was watched got caught in a storm and he rescued someone who fell over. Aline never expected one of her uncle’s stories about mermaids to be true, though the fact it looked more masculine was a small, different note to make. Now she wants to learn about him and study him, as validation she isn’t crazy, and that she wants to learn how to thank him.