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ixi iidellikki ||Non-Binary || All Pronouns Acceptable

ixi has been a storyteller all their life, but due to poor education and struggling with a poor grasp of literature, ixi turned to art to show what went on inside their mind. They blossomed into an art career of 20 years, 10 of which were freelance, and the final 5 as a webcomic artist of their own stories as a branch into the writing world.

Mid-2018 ixi got knocked out of the game with RSI, and couldn’t work at the speed and intensity they used to. It’s still something they contend with to this day, but after trial and error, they realized they could still tell stories through writing by August 2019. While they had dabbled on and off through little shorts and roleplays with friends, they never undertook a proper, start to finish novel, despite all the plans and developing of worlds.

They started small with little sandbox fanfics, before jumping into a larger one. After that, they fell in with the Bookdun crowd in March 2020, a 6-month competition to write a novel which lit the fire under their competitive ass to get them into writing and finish their first draft of their first manuscript.

They are still learning and growing everyday, taking in all they can learn and practice with so they feel armed and ready for the next big obstacle to jump into publishing. Until then, they’re open for people to enjoy the ride and hear plenty of screaming on their social medias while they learn to navigate the writer’s world.

While they are a stay-at-home parent, it hasn’t been easy learning all of this during the 2020 pandemic with a child in virtual school and 5 pets (2 dogs, 3 cats), but they do their best and aim to just have fun with it.